Todd A. Johnson, professionally known as Throne Muzik, is an American record producer, rapper, singer, songwriter and engineer from Detroit, Michigan. 

Early life 
Todd Alexander Johnson was born on April 25, 1991, in Detroit, Michigan where he attended Ferndale University High School. He has 1 sibling. Throne started making music at the age of 5 by beatboxing recordings to a fisher price karaoke machine. He was a huge fan of wrestling and would utilize the theme entrance music from different wrestlers as instrumentals to rap over. At the age of 10, he took his first trip to a professional recording studio after his step-father heard him in his bedroom rapping one night. He turned to making beats in the sixth grade at age 12, after a studio session where the engineer had him create his own beat for the song he was going to record. At age 14, he took a break from rapping and making beats to pursue becoming a screenwriter and film director. At age 15, he met rap artist Epidemyk who inspired him to get back into creating music. They and two others began a musical group and named it CNC Black. At the time, Throne was going by the alias 'Tense'. The start of this musical group caused Throne to take his craft more serious. He spent his 9th grade school year creating instrumetals on the music production software Acoustica Beatcraft. At the end of that school year, his mother decided to invest in a Korg Triton 61 keyboard for him. He spent that entire summer creating instrumentals from sun up to sun down. Throne forsook every other hobby he had (such as video games, outdoors, and wrestling) to go after his dream of being a music producer. Later that summer he was introduced to the music production software FL Studio. At age 16, Throne built a recording studio in the basement of his mother's house. He and the other members of the group CNC Black would utilize the studio to produce beats together and to record for Epidemyk. At age 17, Throne's dedication to his musical dreams came to a halt when he decided to change his life and get his relationship with God right. On March 9, 2008 he was baptized and became a member of Solomon's Temple Church in Detroit. Throne took nearly a year off from creating music to solely work on his faith, which caused the group CNC Black to later split. At age 18, he returned to creating music to produce beats and to create songs of his own with faith inspiring content.  He attended Wayne State University in Detroit as an aspiring music major. Since Throne did not fit the criteria for a music major there, he decided to major in business.  


2010–14: Career beginnings 
In March of 2010, At age 19, Throne became an in house producer for a  group called Mustardseed Generation (MSG). He would spend hours every Friday evening creating instrumentals in the studio for the group. During his period of time with MSG, he began working on his debut album titled A Letter to the Lost Generation, and released it under the alias 'Tense'. The album was released on December 31, 2013 and was featured on various platforms such as Rapzilla, Teen Era Magazine, and Wayne State Radio. 
In 2014, shortly after the release of his debut album, Throne decided to leave Mustardseed Generation to do some rediscovering of himself. He ended up changing his name from Tense to Throne Muzik. Shortly after changing his name, he experienced a job loss and a suspension from Wayne State University. This caused him to open up his own recording studio in Southfield, Michigan. That year he also began working on his official debut album New Beginnings under his new alias.  

2014–present: Establishment 
Throne spent the remainder of 2014 advertising for his recording studio by promoting in malls, on the streets, and online. By faith, he forsook the idea of having a part time job to fund his expenses. Instead he received help from a good friend who was also his investor.  

In December 2014, Throne was presented with a personal reward from his mother in writing:  
"Presented to Todd A. Johnson, in recognition of your hard work and determination to succeed in the music industry" 

In November 2015, Throne became a member of LA Fitness and learned about their advertisement strategies to gain new gym members. He adopted their strategy into his studio by offering free 2 hour sessions to every first time artist. In 2016, he spent the entire year growing his studio clientele through that marketing strategy.  

In September 2017, Throne was presented with an award of appreciation 

On December 2, 2017, Throne was married to Kemara "Kfire" Johnson

On May 25, 2018, Kfire released her Debut Album "Horns & Halos" under Throne Muzik.




Throne Muzik

Birth name: Todd Alexander Johnson

Born:  April 25, 1991 (Age 27)

Origin: Detroit, Michigan, United States 

Genres: All

Occupation(s): Manager, Record Producer, Recording Artist, Engineer 

Instruments: FL Studio, Pro Tools, Garageband, Maschine, Audacity, Adobe Audition, Acoustica Beatcraft, Acoustica Mixcraft, Logic Pro, Reason, Korg Triton 61

Years active: 2010–present 

Labels: Throne Muzik

Discography: To view the list of music Throne has Produced/Performed/Engineered, click here